This extensions ships a TypoScript parser, that is suited to replace the original TypoScript parser for frontend rendering. In fact a family of parsers has been introduced, specialized on different tasks.

  • FE: TypoScriptConditionsPreProcessor
  • FE: TypoScriptProductionParser
  • BE: TypoScriptSyntaxParser

What it is not

No Boost in Performance

The parsing of TypoScript just takes a few milliseconds. Hence, it’s not the primary goal to speed up the performance but to improve the architecture. The algorithm is twice as fast as the original algorithm, but with the split into conditions preprocessor and processor the time is about the same again.

What it is

Public Presentation

First of all this extension is a public presentation of the rewritten parser. Should it replace the old parser of the core? If yes, it needs to be tested in the wild before until it is really stable.

Standalone Usage

It’s possible to use the TypoScript parser outside of the TYPO3 CMS, if you like the TypoScript syntax and want to use it for configuration in other fields. This is possible with or without the conditions preprocessor.

Improving the error detection

The error detection covers the error detection of the origional parser and tries be be a little better already. Also the displaying of the line numbers has been worked upon. See Screenshots!

Planned improvements in future versions:

  • CLI interface to check TS within continuous integration workflows.
  • Do syntax highlighting of conditions, instead of printing them in one color.
  • Detect the difference of objects and properties, because only objects are allowed ot be copied by reference.
  • (Related) Throw verbose errors from TS objects, catch them and and display them into the backend.

New Architecture

The reason to write a new TypoScript parser is, to get a modern architecture for it:

  • easy to understand
  • easy to debug
  • easy to extend

A modern parser makes it more easy to get rid of flaws in TypoScript, enhance error detection and add new features like if-else conditions, that work the way you are used to from other languages.

Condition Preprocessor

Condition evaluation has been separated into a preprocessor class. It becomes possible to use the TypoScript parser without bothering with conditions at all or apply different types of preprocessors. It’s more simple to enhance the condition preprocessing, as an example think of a fullblown IF-ELSEIF-ELSE-END structure.

As with the old parser the condition matching is handled by a third object. Exchanging this object enables the development of conditions, that address a completly different field than the TYPO3 CMS.


  • Escaping of dots by backslash is not supported.