Known Issues

No Exceptions are Thrown

The TypoScript production parser currently doesn’t throw execptions. It expects valid TS as input. To check if your input is valid use the syntax higlighting parser in the BE.

No exceptions are thrown because the original parser doesn’t throw exceptions either. Modules of the backend are not prepared to catch exeptions from the parser and break if execeptions would be thrown from invalid TS.

Intolerant for Invalid TS

The TypoScript production parser will silently break, if feed with invalid TS. It is optimized for speed and is less tolerant for invalid TS than the origional parser.

This means in rare cases code that works for the original parser may break with the TypoScript production parser. Use the syntax highlighting parser to fix the TS code.

XCLASS issues

The origional parser is not fully replaced but extended by XCLASS registration. The extended class serves as adapter to the standalone classes. Conflicts may occur with extensions, that also XCLASS the core parser.