The Token Hierarchy

  • AbstractTypoScriptToken
    • TypoScriptIgnoredToken
    • TypoScriptOperatorToken
    • TypoScriptValueToken
    • TypoScriptCommentContextToken
    • TypoScriptKeysPostspaceToken
    • TypoScriptPrespaceToken
    • TypoScriptCommentToken
    • TypoScriptKeysToken
    • TypoScriptValueContextToken
    • TypoScriptConditionToken
    • TypoScriptOperatorPostspaceToken
    • TypoScriptValueCopyToken

Tokens as Type

First of all the token object is a device to ship a type and a value. The Type is the class itself, the value is set with the constructor and accessible by the method getValue().

Tokens to Format Token Tags

The token object represents a token type, not a formatting class. Despite of this, by calling the method toTag() a HTML tag representation of the token can be created. This is just additional sugar in addition to the primary function. String representations of the token can be created by external methods as well. The tag creation can be customized by the methodes setTag() and setClasses(). The default values are chosen to match the CSS classes of the existing syntax highlighting of the backend.